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How It Works

When you are registered and approved as a member of The Global Lessor Network, we will send you new lease opportunities that match your target market. When you register, we ask you about the kinds of leasing transactions that you like to do, including geography, deal size, lease structures, and asset types. When you submit the on-line registration, one of our Capital Sourcing specialists will review your profile for completeness and accuracy and either approve your registration or contact you if there are any questions.

Once your registration is approved, our lessee and vendor clients can find your leasing company when they want to lease equipment. Our clients use our web-based software service, LeaseAccelerator, to manage their leasing process and programs around the world. When one of our clients has a new leasing opportunity, they use LeaseAccelerator to describe and market the transaction. With the help of our Capital Sourcing Team, our clients can automatically access The Global Lessor Network through LeaseAccelerator and find the lessor that best fits their leasing needs by matching the profile of your company with the description of the transaction.

If your profile is a match, we will send you a description of the transaction and request a proposal. Our Capital Sourcing Team carefully screens every transaction to eliminate errors and pricing exercises — so you only spend your time on real transactions with clear decision deadlines. If you are interested in the leasing opportunity, you will log into your account on The Global Lessor Network and submit a proposal. If our client accepts your proposal, you will engage our client directly in a lease transaction.

Throughout the process, our Capital Sourcing Team is there to help you. We provide training on how to submit your proposal quickly and easily and support you throughout the process.